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Cosplay is all about fun, creativity, and self-expression. ANYONE can cosplay ANY character they want - no matter your skin color/tone, gender, size, ability level, or anything else! We welcome each and every cosplayer to don their favorite costume and show it off around Multiverse. Costumes add fun and color to the atmosphere, so we encourage you to get creative! Some professional and highly skilled cosplayers will be at Multiverse, and many of them are happy to be photographed or take pictures with you. Just ask!



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If you’ve been to cons before, then you already know; if you haven’t, then we’ve got a real treat in store for you! Cosplay shows are always one of the most entertaining and memorable events at conventions. The Multiverse Cosplay Show will feature cosplayers of all skill levels, separated into categories by experience - so even if you’re a first-timer, don’t be afraid to enter the list and show us your creative costume! Who knows, you might even take home a Fans’ Choice Award…


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  1. COSTUMING IS NOT CONSENT! You will probably see some really cool costumes at Multiverse, some of which may be a bit sexy or revealing. However, a person's choice of costume DOES NOT give anyone else license to touch, comment, ogle, or treat them any differently without the cosplayer's clearly expressed, unambiguous consent. The Multiverse Code of Conduct applies to all people at Multiverse at all times, no matter what they're wearing.

  2. Cosplayers: please keep in mind that most of Multiverse is open to children and families, some of whom may be upset by offensive or excessively revealing costumes. You may not agree with what others find offensive or too revealing, but Multiverse is for everyone, so please be considerate of others' sensitivities. If you bring a costume that does not conform to dress code, you can still wear it at the con for private events, after-parties, photoshoots that aren’t in the public areas, poolside, etc. Just be sure to bring something to cover up when walking in public con areas. We appreciate your cooperation in making Multiverse accessible and comfortable to everyone.